Scores Duplicate Pairs, Teams, Swiss Pairs, Swiss Teams and Individuals

Scores Duplicate Pairs

  • Match Pointing - Simple or Neuberg method
  • Butler, Cross IMP or Aggregate scoring
  • Merges multiple Sections events
  • Combines multiple session events
  • Uploads files to the EBU and to ECatsBridge for use in simultaneous pairs

Scores Teams

  • Results in VPs or IMPs
  • From Personal Score Card match totals or
  • From Travelling score sheets

Scores Swiss Pairs and Swiss Teams

  • Scores each match and re-allocates

Speed and ease of use

Scores a typical session, print the results and email them in 20-30 minutes

Simple and quick identification of Players (and partners)

Score entry and validation

  • Scores are checked for validity with warning for questionable / invalid scores
  • Takes input from either N/S numbered or un-numbered (top down completed) Score sheets
  • Facilitates just score entry or, if the contract and result is entered, calculates the score

An Add On for Wireless Scoring

Works with all types of Wireless Scoring units

Identifies players either by local player ID or by National Bridge Organisation number

Takes in all the score information recorded on the Table top units

Provides interim results for display on a PC or on via a projector on a big screen see example

Screen Display and Printouts

  • Overall result
  • Full Traveller details
  • Board/Pair Matrix (recap sheet)
  • Personal Scorecards - can be Printed and included on the Web Page
  • Can create spreadsheet files or text files of results

Web Pages

  • Very simple uploading to BridgeWebs
  • OR or creates your own with
    • Ranking, Travellers, Personal Scorecards
    • User choice of colours and fonts see example
    • Ready for uploading to your own internet site or emailing to your club members

Master Points

  • Calculates UK, Australian, South Africa and Ireland Master Points - at all levels
  • Uploads Master Points to theose National Bridge Organsations that accept them
  • The Upload of Master Points to the EBU also covers Pay to Play, Sims Pairs and the National Grading System


  • Supplied Movements i.e. no pair numbers to input
    • For Pairs, Teams and Individuals
    • Normal Mitchell movements (standard, skip and share / relay)
      • for ANY number of tables
      • with your choice of pair numbering - e.g. N/S and E/W can use the same numbers
    • 200+ other movements
    • Rovers
  • A "Movement Composer" to define your own Movements
  • Prints both Table Movement Cards and Personal Movement Cards
  • Full Movement Description (Director's instructions) printable on A4 or on the back of Table cards
  • You can use a movement Scorebridge does not know and it will remember it for next time
  • An option to define "Club Standard" movements for each number of tables

EBU / SBU / WBU and ABF Numbers

When you input a new player, his / her number can be automatically retrieved from the National database

Automatic updating of the ScoreBridge Player Database with numbers and Ranks from the National database

With wireless scoring, Players numbers can be entered and names retrieved either from the National Database or form your own ScoreBridge Player Database

SB Dealer - Random Dealer

Gives much more interesting distributions than a manual deal.

  • A very inexpensive alternative to a Duplimate dealing machine
  • Deals up to 50 hands and prints them on standard EBU 2 x 2 curtain cards
  • The hands can be dealt at the table if the first round is skipped
  • Prints multiple sets of curtain cards for multi section events
  • Printout of all hands - up to 40 hands on an A4 sheet (if printed both sides) - multiple copies
  • Saves the deal file for including the Hand Record in ScoreBridge results web page
  • Reads .dup and .dlm files (as produced by DealMaster Pro or ECats)