♠ ScoreBridge

The simplest way to score Duplicate Pairs, Teams of 4, Swiss Pairs, Swiss Teams and Individuals

Built for Windows

Written specifically for Windows with extensive Windows Help

Wireless Scoring for instant results

Works with all types of electronic scoring units

Key Features

  • Users comment on its ease of use, friendliness and speed.
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  • Used in 2,800 clubs in 60 countries - in nearly 1,000 clubs with wireless scoring See the full list
  • Movements
    • Mitchell and Howell movements, 200+ other movements including Rovers are supplied
    • A Movement Composer to record your own movements
    • Prints Table cards and Player movement cards
  • Prints Results - Ranking List, Recap sheet, Travellers and Personal Scorecards
  • Creates Web Pages for all Results - can include the deal on each traveller
  • Calculates and Uploads Master Points for England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Australia and South Africa
  • Merges multi Sections events
    Combines multi Session events
  • Calculates Handicaps from previous events to apply to subsequent events
  • Produces Periodic Totals, best Average Score Ladders, Ascendancy tables
  • An Add on to work with all types of Wireless Scoring units

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Supported on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP