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Testimonials from our customers.

Phil Booth - Coffs Harbour, Australia

Stephen, once again I'm in awe of your support, and response times

Thanks a million. I am so pleased we chose ScoreBridge. When do you sleep?

Joseph Macdougall - Activities Unlimited Duplicate, USA

I must say my small group of retired men (our oldest is 100) has enjoyed ScoreBridge for many years; I think it's 13. It runs so well without a glitch.

John Claydon - Independent Director, England

Just a quick word to say - Many thanks for making my life so much easier these past years

Your ScoreBridge suite of programs are just perfect for me and what I do

There are probably many rivals on the block, but I haven't even looked out for them, as you seem to have answered all my Directing needs

Margaret Davis - Basford Bridge Club, England

I've scored and sent my first submission to EBU this morning

Have been told by many people that I would find the whole process complicated,confusing and frustrating.


It couldn't have been easier. Many thanks.

Diana Savill - Savill Club, England

Thank you for your help yesterday. I found your instructions easy to follow and they worked so well

For a 20 table movement, what you told me proved easy and excellent.

You have always been so helpful and I know you must be really busy so I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your help.

Gerald Rose - International Bridge Club, Benidorm Spain

I have to thank Stephen Bligh of ScoreBridge for a fabulous Bridge Scoring program and for all his help and advice

It copes with just about every size Tournament, both Pairs and Teams of 4 and any number of tables and pools

I have found "ScoreBridge" to be very easy to use, the Back-Up service is excellent and Stephen himself a diamond

Mick Werb - Ipswich Hospitals Bridge Club, England

I have successfully used ScoreBridge with Bridgemates for Pairs and Teams

When Windows decided to do an automatic update with reboot in the middle of the teams event

It was good to see that it was easy to recover from what might have been a disaster

Neil Tracey - Highway Duplicate Club, South Africa

I ran my biggest event yet last week, 61 tables, 3 sessions with Bridgemates

It ran brilliantly, with compliments from everyone from the TDs to the players

- folk were especially impressed with the scrolling result which I displayed on a large screen using a projector

Janet Elsworth - Friday Club, West Midlands England

As a Technical Author for over 25 years documenting complex software, I think ScoreBridge is one of the best programs I have ever used

- Free, fully functional trial with user support

- Quick and easy to use - even for a computer novice

- Scoring a Howell with a missing pair is effortless

- Input errors are easy to correct

- Excellent presentation of results

- Superb user support by Stephen Bligh in person

- User requested enhancements quickly incorporated in free, easy to install upgrades

Basil Carpenter - Waltham Forest Bridge Club England

I find ScoreBridge very easy to use

I would like to thank you for your extreme patience in dealing with a novice like myself with computers

Maureen Barton - The Beach Bridge Club, Queensland, Australia

Many thanks for letting us try ScoreBridge. It is the best program I have seen and very easy to use.

Rajesh Tiwary - India

Very simple to use. Compared to other programs it is very user friendly

I congratulate you for this excellent program

Bernard Palmer - Droitwich Spa

I think your program, your help, and backup are superb

Thank you for this great contribution to the bridge world

John Illingworth - Arden Bridge Club, England

We've been using xxxxxxxx. It was not scoring correctly when adjusted scores are awarded

ScoreBridge is vastly superior. It has several advantages over xxxxxxxx:

    * Name input score input are very quick. E.g. pairs numbers anticipated, and repeat scores are a single stroke.

    * Score adjustments versatile and easy.

    * Good on-screen help

Janet Keiran - Tilligerry Bridge Club, Australia

I must tell you how very much I enjoy ScoreBridge

The more I learn about it the more I appreciate it

I have been using ASE7 for many years and would never consider going back to it

I would be more than happy to answer any questions about how it compares with ASE7

Ron Edwards - Taunton Bridge Club, England

SB Dealer - I am very impressed with the ease of use and quality produced

It is a great help. Thank you

Daphne Santon - Sobell Bridge Club, England

The old program we were using was very slow and lacked a lot of features that I needed and ScoreBridge has

    * Entering names in partnerships is much quicker and easier

    * Entering scores is a joy now that the numbers on the score slips are there for me in the right order

    * Printing master points does away with the tedious job of writing them out.

I can now score so quickly that I'm now almost ready to take a lap-top and small printer to the club to score at the end of sessions

William Nicholls. - Mumbles Duplicate Bridge Club, Wales

I run the xxxx xxxxxxx programme which was giving me problems

I heard from a friend that your program was efficient and easy to use

It has simple facilities to upload Simultaneous Pairs results to Ecats.

and I can use my own movements which is important.

Your help pages are great, even I can follow them!

I am delighted with Scorebridge. Congratulations on your sales figures. Well deserved

Fred Dixon - Caldy Valley Bridge Club, England

Congratulations on the success of your program.

I have previously used Winscore, Tony Haworth's program and another

    * I find yours much the best mainly for its user friendliness.

    * The Names input part does not need membership numbers or unique initials and its use of regular partnership input is speedy.

    * Recording of new movements is particularly easy and only needed once!

    * Input of traveller data is also well thought out.

    * The program is obviously developed from a user viewpoint and experience.

    * I can now score (accurately and reliably) and have a hard copy of a typical nine table Mitchell x 27 board session in less that 20 minutes and an updated league table printed in 21!

All of the previously used programs and their data have been thrown away...we know a good thing when we see it.

Richard Marlow - Riverhead Bridge Club , England

I particularly like ScoreBridge. These are some of the features which I like most

    * Ability to use the programme for several clubs, each being kept separate,

    * Display on-screen of match-pointed travellers.

    * Manner of names entry.

    * Very good event set-up screen

Carmel O'Leary - Count Cork, Republic of Ireland

I did last nights results on ScoreBridge (my first attempt), delighted with everything you sent us, it worked like a dream

Thanks again for all your patience

Christine Byrne - Portadown Bridge Club, Norther Ireland

I've just scored Portadown's results for last night and I'm really impressed with your program.

Why have I not received it before now?

I found your program very easy and with lots of little 'hidden' extras that are going to save me lots of time!! Especially the 'usual player' facility

I love the way the email is set up for me and sends all the results to the members without me having to scan and save etc

Hans Garritsen - Creston Monday Bridge Club, Canada

Your program is very user friendly.

We now have bridge results in about 10 minutes after the last hand is played.

The automatic generation of the email and web page results are really appreciated by our members.

They have all the results, including scores on each board, on their computer by the time they get home!

Bill Hirst - Bramhall Golf Club, England

Having tried 3 scoring systems, ScoreBridge is by far the best and most "User friendly"

I particularly like:

    * the quick and simple entry of players names

    * the speed and ease of entering scores and of rectifying mistakes

    * the ease of entering non-supplied movements

I can personally vouch for Stephen's patience and helpfulness when called upon for assistance.

The product is extremely competitively priced. We are delighted with the purchase.

Pedro Rubira - Organiser of the National Tournament in Ecuador

Thanks to your software the Tournament was a great success

- the scoring was so easy and fast...the program is really great.

Sid Ismail - South Africa

I am so very pleased at the purchase of your program that I made.

I am impressed, the club members are impressed, and you should be too!

Personal Scorecards - Absolutely marvellous !!!!! Wow!!!

It was a dream using your scoring program and email generator for the Ecats SIMS!

Thanks, again!

Freda Warner - The Missed Slam Bridge Club, England

I am thrilled with the program and recommend it to all and sundry

Les Fernihough - Kidderminster Wednesday Bridge, England

We have used ScoreBridge for a year and the updates have made it an excellent program

I can recommend it unreservedly.

Neil Tracey - Highway Duplicate Bridge Club, South Africa

Your scoring program is brilliant!

It really has speeded up the results tremendously,

our members are especially impressed with the production of the travellers

David Motley - Northfield, England

Thanks for your help in getting me up and running after my Virus

You have amply demonstrated your technical support in case of any difficulties.

Randall Clements - Carmarthen, Wales

I am delighted with your Scorebridge Program and have had no problems using it

It is a really good user friendly set- up

Michael Brennan - Charlestown. Co Mayo, Ireland

I used your Scorebridge for our main event of the year, our Presidents Prize, and it was super

All were most impressed with your individual printouts.

You really should charge a lot more than �60

Roger Lott - Chalfont, England

I have found the programme incredibly easy to use.

Your rapid support has amazed me

Roger Brading - Grayshott, England

I have previously used 3 other scoring programs but yours is by far the best and the most user friendly

M. Scott Snyder - Strongsville, Ohio, USA

Thank you very much. I want to tell you that I really appreciate the functionality and "friendliness" of ScoreBridge.

The longer I use it, the more I appreciate the thought that went into the Human Interface of the program.

It is high on my list of favorite programs and one I would soundly endorse to others

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