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How do I copy ScoreBridge to a new computer or a laptop

Please Note A ScoreBridge licence can only be issued for a new computer or a second computer such as a laptop if you have an active support subscription. More information

1. ScoreBridge program

2. ScoreBridge data - Copy your BridgeData folder from the "old" computer to the "new" computer via a memory stick as follows

How do I replace my ScoreBridge installation

This can occur if you get a virus or for some other reason your scoreBridge system is lost / corrupted

1    ScoreBridge Data - This is all in a single folder called BridgeData. Inside this is a folder for each club for which you score 2    Download and install ScoreBridge Program
  • Run ScoreBridge. If you get a Registration form, then complete it - making sure you select the correct location for the BridgeData folder (if still available) at the bottom of the form
  • Contact helpdesk for a licence key if required
  • If you get a message asking you to locate the BridgeData folder, and you have deleted this (e.g. because it is corrupt), then click Cancel and a new BridgeData folder will be created for you

    What are the computer requirements to run ScoreBridge - Will my computer run it ?

    • Microsoft Windows 10
    • 128 MB of memory
    • Screen size - minimum of 13.5 inches however 15 inches is recommended
    • Disk space - Trivial
    • Internet connection
      If unconnected you can install by downloading the install file to a USB memory stick. You can then install the software from the USB memory stick in the required computer.

    Please Note Microsoft discontinued support for

    • Windows 7 in January 2020,
    • Windows Vista in April 2017 and
    • Windows XP in April 2014
    These operating systems no longer receive system or security updates. We are now unable to provide upgrades to XP or Vista as they do not support latest version.

    Web server security updates meant we have had to update our software so ScoreBridge can communicate securely with them and therefore you require Windows 7 or greater.

    Can I run ScoreBridge on an Apple Mac computer?

    ScoreBridge is designed for and only works on Microsoft Windows.

    However there are two options to run ScoreBridge on an Apple Mac, both of which require a licenced copy of Microsoft Windows.
    If you don't have a copy of Windows then you can purchase a copy direct from Microsoft.
    You will only require the Home edition.

    1. Boot Camp

    The first method is 'Boot Camp' and is free in that you don't need to purchase additional software to run Windows.
    Boot Camp is built into Mac OS and lets you install Microsoft Windows. No need to download anything yourself just open Boot Camp Assistant and it will guide you through the rest.
    For full details and help please see the Apple Support pages at
    With Boot Camp when you switch on your Mac you then choose which operating system you wish to boot into.
    When you have finished using ScoreBridge on Windows you can then reboot the computer and boot back into Mac OS.

    2. Virtual Machine

    The second method is to run Windows on your Apple Mac as a virtual machine.
    The advantage of this is that you do not need to reboot your Mac to then load into MS Windows.
    You can access all your Mac OS software as normal and just run any Windows program on your Mac as if it were a standard application.
    The one we have experience with is Parallels Desktop for Mac
    You can purchase this as a one off licence or as a subscription so you get updates for newer versions as they are released and updated yearly.
    As Mac OS gets a free large upgrade each year then Parallels often but not always requires an update to work on the new Mac OS.

    I cannot upload to Ecats, BridgeWebs or EBU Master points

    If you are having difficulty uploading to Ecats, BridgeWebs of EBU Master Points, do have a look at your firewall
    Firewalls all have different ways of permitting programs to do this so you will have to find and adjust the options for your particular software
    Simply turning it off temporarily will help confirm or otherwise if this is causing an upload problem

    You may have to be add ScoreBridge to a list of programs allowed to do uploads
    For Release 10 the program is ScoreBridgeR10.exe in folder c:\program files\ScoreBridge 10
    (or with a 64 bit computer in folder c:\program files (x86)\ScoreBridge 10 )

    Why cannot ScoreBridge input Player numbers instead of names when entering players ?

    Some older Scoring programs could only enter player details via a number
    ScoreBridge set out to be easy to use - to let you use the naturally occurs rather than something artificial. It deliberately avoided using numbers

    Using Numbers
    • Table slips have to have a name - so the number is an extra bit of information that has be written and got correct
    • Visitors do not have numbers - so these need a special procedure
    • Transcription errors are not obvious unless the name is automatically displayed (so why not use the name in the first place)
    Using names
    • If you are handy with a mouse they can be picked off the list - and with a second click you get the normal partner as well
    • If you prefer the use of the keyboard you only have to key as much of the name as is required to uniquely identify it
    • Often the initial letters of the forename and surname will do this - i.e. enter ‘A J’ for Alan Jones
    • If this does not fully identify the person than another letter will usually do it
    • As soon as the name is uniquely identified, the computer will beep
    • Pressing the enter key move you to the next table position
    • To enter the name of the regular partner, just press enter again
    • To enter a visitor’s name, simply key it in in full and it is recorded for future occasions
    • Entry using names is not slow - entering names for 10 tables takes less than a minute

    How do I upload a Simultaneous Pairs result to Ecats ?

    ScoreBridge can produce files in the special format used by ECatsBridge for uploading to their database for use in Simultaneous Pairs events.

    If you have 2 sections, these are best merged before uploading a single set of files to ECatsBridge

    On the Results Screen simply select the Send menu and then Result To ECatsBridge

    You will be asked to enter / confirm some basic data about the club
    and then to enter the ECATs Session Number (see the back of the score sheets)

    ScoreBridge will then produce the Ecats files, which are p.txt, r.txt, e.txt and c.txt, and save them

    You can

    • Either - let ScoreBridge send them immediately
    • Or - send then yourself
      –via a posted CD or as attachments your own email message

    Why do Match Point 'tops' look odd ?

    Adjustments for Score Line Variances

    This only occurs when the numbers of score lines vary between boards
    Options can be selected via [Scoring Preferences] menu

    With Neuberg Scoring, score line variances are handled automatically

    With Simple Match Point Scoring there are 3 options

    • Adjust if score lines are less than the Maximum for all boards
      • the average Match Points are the same for all boards
        ( strictly the correct way and is the ScoreBridge default )
    • Make no adjustment
      • the average Match Points is set by the lines count on that board
        (the method manual scorers are used to)
    • Adjust if score lines are less than the Average of all boards
      • the average Match Points are the same for the majority of boards
        (a half way house between the 2 above methods)

    On boards with less than the Target ( i.e. Maximum or Average mentioned above) score lines, the difference between the actual and the target is added to every score line.


    Suppose the Target is 8 but we have a board with only 6 lines

    • the top and bottom would have been 10 and 0
    • 2 ( 8 minus 6) is added to every line
    • A top is now 12 and a bottom is now 2
    • the average is 7 - exactly as it would be on an 8 line sheet.

    This way all boards with up to 8 lines have the same average number of Match Points – namely 7.

    If there are any boards with above 8 lines, these will be given an appropriate higher top and average – e.g. a 10 line board will have a top of 18 and an average of 9

    With single Match pointing the process is the same but values are halved

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