Wireless Add-On

Wireless add-on supports all major wireless scoring systems

Quicker Results

Scoring is even quicker when using a wireless system.

Purchase the wireless add-on and ScoreBridge works with all types of wireless scoring systems including

Each table has a table top unit or tablet. The players can enter their name or ID number at the table depending on the wireless system used.

All score and contract information is recorded at the table which reduces errors because there is no need to decipher hand written travellers.

ScoreBridge provides interim results that can be displayed on a PC or via a projector on a big screen.

You can see which tables are still in play from the computer screen and how many boards there are left to play.


To use ScoreBridge with wireless scoring systems you need to buy the ScoreBridge wireless add-on.

This is in addition to your primary licence and is a one off cost of £90 / €125 / US$160 / Au$190.

When using wireless, your annual support charge increases by £18 / €25 / US$32 / Au$38.

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