Scores Duplicate Pairs, Teams, Swiss Pairs, Swiss Teams and Individuals

Speed and ease of use

Score a typical session, print the results and email them in 20-30 minutes

Simple and quick identification of players (and partners)

Score entry and validation

Scores Duplicate Pairs

  • Match pointing - simple or Neuberg method
  • Butler, cross IMP or aggregate scoring
  • Merges multiple section events
  • Combines multiple session events
  • Uploads files to the EBU and to ECatsBridge for use in simultaneous pairs

Scores Teams

Scores Swiss Pairs and Swiss Teams

  • Scores each match and re-allocates


Simple Website Uploading

  • Upload results direct to BridgeWebs quickly and easily
  • Or create your own with
    • ranking, travellers and personal scorecards
    • user choice of colours and fonts
    • the ability to upload to your own web site or email to your club members

Email Results

Screen Display and Printouts

  • Overall result
  • Full traveller details
  • Board/pair matrix (recap sheet)
  • Personal scorecards - can be printed and included on the web page
  • Can create spreadsheet files or text files of results

Master Points

EBU / SBU / WBU and ABF Numbers

  • When you input a new player, his or her number can be automatically retrieved from the national database
  • Automatic updating of the ScoreBridge player database with numbers and ranks from the national database
  • With wireless scoring, player numbers can be entered and names retrieved either from the national database or form your own ScoreBridge player database

Wireless Scoring

See wireless scoring page for details


  • ScoreBridge can import the USEBIO XML files and convert them to ScoreBridge event file format
  • Imported events can be edited/corrected the same as other events before you send the results
  • Store your online events alongside your face to face sessions
  • Allows you to apply and create handicapped results from your imported events
  • Merge online and F2F events to create Hybrid events as if they were just sections

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