Scores Duplicate Pairs, Teams, Swiss Pairs, Swiss Teams and Individuals

Speed and ease of use

Score a typical session, print the results and email them in 20-30 minutes

Simple and quick identification of players (and partners)

Score entry and validation

Scores Duplicate Pairs

  • Match pointing - simple or Neuberg method
  • Butler, cross IMP or aggregate scoring
  • Merges multiple section events
  • Combines multiple session events
  • Uploads files to the EBU and to ECatsBridge for use in simultaneous pairs

Scores Teams

Scores Swiss Pairs and Swiss Teams

  • Scores each match and re-allocates


Screen Display and Printouts

  • Overall result
  • Full traveller details
  • Board/pair matrix (recap sheet)
  • Personal scorecards - can be printed and included on the web page
  • Can create spreadsheet files or text files of results

Simple Website Uploading

Master Points

  • Calculates master points at all levels for the UK, Australia, South Africa and Ireland
  • Uploads master points to national bridge organisations that accept them
  • The upload of master points to the EBU also covers Pay-To-Play, simultaneous pairs and the national grading scheme

EBU / SBU / WBU and ABF Numbers

Wireless Scoring

See wireless scoring page for details

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